New York Robbery and Burglary Charges

Robbery and burglary are two of the most serious charges that you can be charged with in New York. If convicted of these crimes, you may face serious consequences, including loss of your freedom and an inability to secure a job. After being charged with one of these crimes, there are a variety of factors to consider, including the need for a criminal lawyer like Paul D’Emilia.

Working out of the D’Emilia Law Firm, Paul D’Emilia understands the serious nature of robbery and burglary charges and is ready to help you construct an effective defense for your case. Learn about robbery and burglary crimes, and discover why you should hire a New York robbery lawyer for experienced help with your case.

Types of Charges

Many people are unaware that the criminal code of the state of New York possesses a wide variety of theft charges, including robbery, burglary, and breaking and entering. No matter the charge you face, it is likely that you will experience grim consequences if convicted. For example, first-degree burglary in New York is considered a Class-B felony, and can result in prison sentences as long as twenty-five years.

If you find yourself facing a burglary charge, the most important thing that you can do is to hire a burglary lawyer like Paul D’Emilia. Paul understands how vital it is to have an effective defense against a burglary charge and is ready to fight for you.

The Need for an Attorney

New York takes robbery and burglary crimes very seriously, which means prosecutors will be doing everything that they can to secure a conviction, particularly if your charge qualifies under New York’s three-strikes rule. While you could try to handle your case yourself, the better idea is to get legal representation from a robbery lawyer in New York like Paul D’Emilia.

The D’Emilia Law Firm team will examine the facts of your robbery or burglary charge and will mount a defense that will hopefully limit the negative consequences of your charge. Experience matters when faced with a criminal charge, which is why you need to hire Paul D’Emilia.

Discuss Your Case with a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer

Anyone in Brooklyn, Bronx County, New York County, Queens County, Kings County, or Manhattan that needs a lawyer for their robbery or burglary charge needs to work with Paul D’Emilia and his team at the D’Emilia Law Firm. Paul is ready to discuss your legal options, and the consequences you may face, after being charged with one of these serious crimes.

Discuss your case today by calling the D’Emilia Law Firm at 917-701-4067 or by reaching out to Paul D’Emilia via email.

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