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Paul D’Emilia has practiced law for more than 20 years, both as a prosecutor in New York City, at the United States Department of Justice, and in private practice as a criminal defense attorney.

There is a reason that former clients and members of New York’s legal community continually refer the accused to Paul D’Emilia. With 30 years of experience as a leading New York prosecutor, Paul’s knowledge of the inner workings of the justice system is unmatched. He understands how prosecutors think and act, and with this unique insight, he can strategize well before setting foot in court.

“I believe in our justice system and continually feel privileged to represent my clients,” said Paul D’Emilia. “My goal is to demonstrate how the law protects them even in their darkest hours.”

It is this special combination of legal insight and an ability to connect with defendants and their families that made D’Emilia’s transition to criminal defense so successful. As his career progressed from the Kings County District Attorney’s office and he was named Bureau Chief and Counsel to the Trial Division as well as other high-profile and international posts, he began to identify with certain defendants.

“In some cases, the defendants weren’t getting the representation they needed to stand a chance at trial, make bond or secure a better settlement,” Paul noted. “They needed better negotiators and it would have made the difference between years and months in jail or thousands in fines.”
And so the prestigious prosecutor who had successfully tried countless felony cases and homicide trials decided to make an impact for those who used to stand across the table from him.

He founded D’Emilia Law in 2015 with his wife and partner, Kendra Monte—who was also an established prosecutor—to offer clients a sense of confidence and assurance following an arrest or charge. He has also exhibited great poise when in the spotlight and can ensure clients and their families receive their deserved level of justice and privacy.

Under Paul’s leadership, the firm has successfully settled and defended against a variety of charges, from high-profile violent crimes, drug crimes as well tax-related claims that have millions of dollars at stake.

“Referring attorneys and clients entrust us with a wide range of serious claims that involve lengthy prison terms or someone’s life’s work or net worth,” Paul said. “We want clients to know that when their lives and finances are on the line, they have two of the most experienced fighters in their corner who are honored to be their voice in and out of the courtroom.”

Mr. D’Emilia, a graduate of Fordham Law School, is a member of the New York Bar Association, teaches trial advocacy classes, and has lectured internationally on the US criminal justice system.


Principal and Co-Founder, D’Emilia Law, New York,
2015 – Present

New York State Inspector General, Office of Fraud Investigations (NYS Workers Compensation Board),
2012 – 2014

Deputy Bureau Chief, Kings County District Attorney’s Office, New York, 1991 – 2003

Resident Legal Advisor to the United States Embassy (Albania), US Department of Justice, 2000 – 2002



Fordham Law School, J.D., 1990

Fordham University, Bachelor of Arts, 1987



New York State courts

Eastern District and Southern District of New York

Second Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals



New York Bar Association

New York City Bar Association

Columbian Lawyers Association


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