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 Domestic violence charges can be severe and complex, especially since there is no official act of “domestic violence” directly defined in the New York State penal code. Generally, acts or accusations of domestic violence in New York are categorized as a family offense that also involves assault or harm among people who share an intimate relationship. Different types of people engage in intimate relationships; for example, they are not just limited to spouses and immediate family and do not need to be living together at the time of the incident.

With so many variables in the mix, domestic violence charges are understandably alarming and confusing. Before you panic or offer any statements that can be used against you, the best way to mitigate the risk of penalties and jail time is to hire an experienced domestic violence lawyer with experience defending against the myriad of charges the city or state of New York may levy against you.

Hire D’Emilia Law.

D’Emilia Law is a boutique New York criminal defense law firm whose lawyers have represented countless clients in domestic violence matters.

Led by partners Paul D’Emilia and Kendra Monte, our combined 40+ years of experience includes several years as prosecutors with the Kings County District Attorney’s office. We are well-versed in the tactics used by prosecutors and have crafted successful defenses that have led to dropped and reduced charges and other favorable outcomes.

When charged with crimes related to domestic violence, it is important to know the factors the court may consider when determining “intimate relationships” between relatives and unrelated people, such as:

  • the nature or type of relationship
  • how often you see, or saw each other
  • how long the relationship has lasted

New York City Domestic Violence Lawyers

New York State approaches domestic violence charges very seriously, especially as authorities look to reduce the hundreds of thousands of domestic violence-related claims made each year. Good people make mistakes and many domestic violence claims can be misconstrued without being put in proper context. If convicted, penalties can include lengthy prison sentences, restraining orders, mandatory counsel and thousands of dollars in fines.

Our unique experience on both sides of the courtroom puts D’Emilia Law at an advantageous position when we accept a case. We collaborate frequently with expert witnesses, which enables us to anticipate the actions of the opposing side. From this insider’s perspective, we can build an even stronger defense for you.

Before you take any other action, you should contact D’Emilia Law’s domestic violence lawyers in NYC for the best possible defense strategy and representation.

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