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Sex crimes and sex offenses are considered violent crimes in New York State and are pursued vigorously by police and prosecutors.

Section 130 of the New York Penal Code describe the terms of incarceration and fines that are used to punish sex offenses. Numerous crimes have sexual elements, but discussions of sex offenses focus primarily on:

  • Indecency with a child
  • Sexual assault/Rape
  • Aggravated sexual abuse (the term used in scenarios when the victim was age 11 or younger).
  • Lack of consent, sexual misconduct, forcible touching, and other actions.

Being charged or accused of a sex crime can be a paralyzing feeling. The best course of action is to remain as calm as possible and contact legal professionals with deep experience handling such serious and life-changing matters.

Contact the SEX CRIME lawyers at D’Emilia Law.

The partners of D’Emilia Law – Paul D’Emilia and Kendra Monte – are well-versed in the prosecution and defense of sex crimes. They prosecuted countless sexual assault and rape cases during their years at the Kings County District Attorney’s office before founding their successful defense firm. Their strategies and pursuit of justice on behalf of their clients have resulted in several reduced charges, dismissals and favorable outcomes.

Hire D’Emilia Law.

In 2018, 6,708 incidents of rape were reported to police in New York State, which was about a 5% increase from 2017. Accusations of sex crimes are frequently made between family members, which can lead to domestic violence-related charges. Depending on the circumstances, and especially if you are a parent, charges against you can be connected to endangering the welfare of a child.

D’Emilia Law’s experienced professionals have a record of success defending against various sex crimes accusations and situations, including:

  • False or erroneous claims.
  • Misunderstandings.
  • First-time offenses.
  • Repeat offenses.
  • High-profile claims.

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Prosecutors are looking to make examples of accused sex offenders with little regard for how charges might impact your life, family, reputation or finances. Penalties can be severe and can include years in prison if convicted.

When you are charged with a sex crime, how you will spend the rest of your life largely depends on the kind of job your attorney will do for you. We are prepared to fight for you over the long haul and will do whatever possible within the law to build a defense that can secure your dismissal, acquittal or reduced charge.

We believe in the American legal system, which is guided by the presumption of innocence – the legal principle that one is considered innocent until proven guilty. Before you take any other action, you should contact D’Emilia Law for the best possible defense strategy and representation.

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