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White-collar crimes committed in New York State can be viewed as harshly as other crimes involving drugs or physical injury. The partners of D’Emilia Law represented New York State for years and know better than most that it will go after anyone who – knowingly or unwittingly – commits a financial crime or breaches public trust.

The state’s many bureaus and regulatory agencies exist to prevent fraud and tax crimes from damaging the economy, public trust and integrity, taxpayers and insurance policyholders. If you are arrested and accused of white-collar crimes or fraud charges, you should contact legal professionals with deep experience handling such serious and life-changing matters.

Hire D’Emilia Law.

The white-collar criminal lawyers of D’Emilia Law – Paul D’Emilia and Kendra Monte – are well-versed in the prosecution and defense of various types of white-collar accusations. They prosecuted countless fraud cases during their years at the Kings County District Attorney’s office before founding their successful defense firm. Their strategies and pursuit of justice on behalf of their clients have resulted in several reduced charges, dismissals and favorable outcomes. The firm provides defense of the following types of white-collar crime and and fraud:

  • Securities and investment schemes.
  • Insurance fraud.
  • Embezzlement.
  • Government corruption.
  • Consumer fraud.
  • Cryptocurrency fraud.
  • Unlicensed practice of a profession.
  • Environmental crimes and more.

Whether you were wrongly accused, have been charged multiple times or for the first time, D’Emilia Law can craft your defense.

New York City White-Collar Criminal Defense Lawyers

The state attorney general’s office will always make investigating and curbing corruption and white-collar claims a top priority. Whether the charge against you involves large financial gains, harms the reputation of a government office or negatively impacts the economy and other taxpayers, the penalties can be severe if convicted and can include years in prison and thousands of dollars in fees.

White-collar criminal charges can take years to litigate and D’Emilia Law often reminds clients that legal proceedings are less like a sprint and more like a marathon. We are prepared to defend you for the long haul and are confident in our ability to negotiate with state authorities to have charges reduced or dropped. Thanks to our insider’s experience we know how the prosecutors will think and act – and what cards they really hold – and this unique perspective has enabled us to build solid defense strategies. This same tactic may be used in your situation.

We believe in the American legal system, which is guided by the presumption of innocence – the legal principle that one is considered innocent until proven guilty. Before you take any other action, you should contact D’Emilia Law’s white-collar criminal lawyers in NYC for the best possible defense strategy and representation.

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