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“I hired Paul D’Emilia for my case and I’m glad I did. He took care of everything for me with great results. Paul answered all calls, text, and emails in a timely manner. Paul was able to get the answers to all my questions and made me feel comfortable knowing he was taking care of me.”

— Stephen

“Excellent all around! Takes care of the case as promised in a timely and efficient manner. Responds to texts and calls immediately and is easy to work with. My experience was great. Highly recommended!”

— Shervin

“I hired Paul D’Emilia in 2016 for urgent matters and he fixed all the problems with great professionalism, competence and human touch. He is a great lawyer and a real gentleman, absolutely recommended.”

— J.L.

“Mr. D’Emilia was able to convince the DA to drastically reduce my case that enabled me to keep my broker’s license. I was facing jail time and ended up with merely a violation. No penalties whatsoever. The best attorney I ever came across.”

— Eric

“I faced multiple years in prison and $6M in fines from the US Attorney and the IRS. After almost 2 years of no progress and 5 attorneys, I found Paul D’Emilia. After his constant negotiations and pressure on the government Mr. D’Emilia was able to eliminate my jail offer and reduced my penalty to a very manageable amount with a long pay-off schedule. I also was able to retain my pharmaceutical license to continue my livelihood. Paul D’Emila and his legal team saved my life.”

— R. Singh

“At 50 years old, I was arrested for the first time in my life for displaying a loaded handgun from inside my car. Paul’s close and long relationship with the DA’s office resulted in a minor charge and fine when I was facing 5 years in prison.”

— A. Carletto

“I was arrested by the Drug Enforcement Agency for possession of fentanyl packages on the seat of my car. After an extensive investigation by Paul D’Emilia and his investigators, the US Attorney agreed to completely dismiss my case after D’Emilia Law submitted their report to the prosecutor.”

— N. Colazzo

“I was charged with my second DWI offense after an accident on the Henry Hudson Parkway. Instead of a felony conviction and jail time, Mr. D’Emilia was able to have the charge reduced to only a violation.”

— P. Thomas

“Our son was arrested for making “terroristic threats” after posting a photo of a gun on his school’s website. After the school expelled him and the DA threatened to indict him, Paul convinced them to dismiss the case and our son was also reinstated to his university after a direct appeal by Paul D’Emilia.”

— Peter L.

“I was wrongly accused of assaulting my wife in our home in Brooklyn, I was immediately arrested and held for 24 hours. After my family contacted D’Emilia Law, I was freed immediately and within one week the DA agreed to drop all charges after a lightning quick investigation by Mr. D’Emilia’s office.”

— Henry C.

“Kendra Monte handled my federal tax evasion case in the Eastern District of New York. I faced up to 48 months in prison and $2M in fines and penalties. Working with her forensic accountant she was able to negotiate my plea with the IRS to a very manageable fine and a discharge from any of the serious criminal charges.”

— Dom A.

“Paul and Kendra treated us like a member of their family. They handled the most traumatic event of our lives and walked us through everything. They never let us worry about how things would end up. In the end, everything worked out.”

— Lorraine R.

“From the day I was arrested until everything was resolved I felt that Paul and Kendra never left me alone. I’ll be forever grateful.”

— Heather C.

“Paul D’Emilia aggressively fought for me every single day. He was able to make a very serious case almost disappear.”

— J. Martinez