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Founded by former prosecutors, D’Emilia Law has the training, experience and understanding to protect your rights. We’ve been on the other side. We know how to mount a defense uniquely tailored to your situation.




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Case Studies

Federal Internet and Identity Fraud Crimes Reduced

Our client was an immigrant from the Republic of Ghana who had taken part in an internet fraud scheme. He worked with several other men and women to create and maintain a dating/romance website on which they built fake profiles of people seeking relationships. Posing as these false romantic partners, the actors could prey on the vulnerable site visitors and solicit funds from them – sometimes accumulating hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Attempted Murder Charges Drastically Reduced, No Deportation

Our client was an undocumented immigrant from Albania who came from an upstanding family. Following an argument at a Brooklyn social club with some other patrons, he left and returned to the club with a gun, shot a bullet into the air outside the club that got lodged into a nearby apartment, and then fired several more times into the club’s interior.