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Founded by former prosecutors, D’Emilia Law has the training, experience and understanding to protect your rights. We’ve been on the other side. We know how to mount a defense uniquely tailored to your situation.




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Case Studies

Murder Charges Drastically Reduced to Probation

D’Emilia Law’s stellar advocacy keeps client from prison sentence following a fatal, accidental hit-and-run in Yonkers Challenge: Our client was a 25-year-old man with no criminal history. In March 2019 he went clubbing in Yonkers with a group of friends and...

Terrorism and Weapons Charges Dismissed

A photograph taken out of context could have led to a felony conviction Challenge: Our client was a student attending a well-known university in Nassau County, New York. He lived off-campus and did not have a criminal history.  He was engaged in a closed social...